Pneumatics pro/v5

I called in to vex and we are wondering if the vex pro pneumatics are legal in V5. One of ours broke, and they are the exact same minus coloring, but through vex are currently only marked as PRO. We can’t order the v5 individually, but can order the pro individually would these be legal? Specifically not wanting to get teams called out at worlds.

The game manual is pretty clear on this.

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One what? An air cylinder, a solenoid valve, a tube fitting? Many of these parts are available from SMC, the manufacturer of the pneumatic components that VEX uses, or an aftermarket supplier like or motion industries, although with the current state of affairs, you probably won’t get anything within 6 to 8 weeks.


specifically the t connectors, Because they are sold by vex, and specifically marked PRO, I just wanted to confirm. it appeared to me to be the exact same as the v5, but wasn’t sure if there were variations other than the color. We are limited on vendors we can use and VEX is an approved vendor, so hoping to still go through them.

Just buy them from SMC. Ours shipping in around 1-2 weeks.

The rule on pneumatic components is that the SMC part number must be an exact match to the VRC listed components. The vexpro pneumatic fittings, aside from being 1/4-inch diameter mostly, are not made by SMC and do not have matching part numbers. A quick search on this forum with the search bar will get you a list of all the VRC pneumatic part numbers, then you can go to SMC or to order.


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