pneumatics problem when turning on

When we turn on the robot, one of the pneumatics turns on and off about 5 times before the cortex and joystick connect. after which we have to re-pump before we start. our dump used to do the same thing before we changed it to double acting (might be unrelated) and now it is doing it on the claw.

 Doesn't really hurt anything but is annoying because in competition, we have to turn it on, connect it and pump outside the field and then put it in and set it up which is discouraged if not outright illegal. I am most worried about this at worlds as we are in the running's this year and when I have been there, we where not allowed to bring the pump to the field. 

most people fix this by turning off the air with a switch before turning it on but I would REALLY just like to fix it in programming or whatnot.

-thanks so much

If you are still having issues with the pneumatics firing on power up, please attach your code. We will ask the appropriate group to look at it.