Pneumatics Pump Fitting


So, we are having issues with pumping up cylinders. After we pump it up and disconnect the pump a bunch of the air audibly escapes from the cylinder. At several competitions I saw teams who had some tubing aded to end of the pump. I was wondering if anyone could post a picture or a good explanation of this.


You should use teflon tape. Quick instructional vid here. You don’t need as much as they show in that vid, but it shows how to apply it. I have no pneumatics near me atm; sorry I can’t do better than that.

The thing is,the new pneumatics system uses the valve directly attached to the resivoir. The older one has a part called the tire valve assembly where the tubing goes into the valve and the valve is attached to the mouth of the pump. I have the valve directly attached to the resivoir too, I recommend either getting the part, or pumping to 120 psi so that the air that escapes only lowers pressure to 100psi

By attaching a switch to the resivoir and then to the tire pump, you can pump in air, close the switch and seal in the air, and take of the pump without losing air. The other end of the resivoir goes to your pistons.