Pneumatics pusher leaking

We have done extensive testing and research and have concluded that when we activate the pusher, either the switch, solenoid, or the pusher it self leaks like 5 psi every cycle of push (push out and “pull” back in). We have no clue why and no obvious sign/sound indicates which tube it is doing this. Has anyone else had this issue and how was it solved? We are using the pneumatics to push discs into our flywheel by the way.

What do you mean leaks? Every time you push the piston in and out air is used. Now if it is leaking without the cylinder moving then that’s an issue that could be fixed with checking every part for air flow and possibly replacing tubing or using teflon tape on a thread.

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The “pneumatic” ? Check here:

You probably don’t need full pressure to actuate your mechanism with your pneumatic cylinder. If you put the regulator into your pneumatic system, you can probably reduce the pressure on your air cylinder, and you will get more actuations of your cylinder before you run out of air pressure.

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I dont think only being able to push the pneumatic a total of 15 times in a match is normal. All other robots using pneumatics do it over 30 times at max speed.

We need a decent speed for it to work though

Do you have the flow control valve installed on the air cylinder? If you do, there’s a small screw in the flow control valve that you should unscrew to increase the speed. If this is the case, then you could reduce the pressure going to your air cylinder and probably still have plenty of speed.

Actually, my first test with one reservoir and a double acting cylinder at 100 PSI, I only got 15 actuations, so this is normal without a pressure regulator or flow limiter. When I swapped over to two reservoirs and a single acting I got a lot more actuations (at least 60+), (I don’t remember the exact number.)

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Reservoirs are expensive. It seems we will have to stick with this