Pneumatics question?

Ok i am looking to buy the complete double acting cylinder set from vex.

But i was wondering, can the pneumatics be controlled from the remote control.

I have the programming kit so i just want to know if it is possible to control the pneumatics like motors on the controller as vex said that they plug into an I/O port.

Either way i can use the pneumatics but i need to know if they can be used in r/c mode and autonomous.


you do control the pneumatic through the I/O ports on the Vex Microcontroller. You can then control them through the remote control.

O i thought they meant the digital I/O ports that you use sensors for.

Unlike motors and servos, pneumatic cylinders have only two positions, open or closed, extended or contracted. When controlling them with the control you would generally use the buttons on the back, 5 and 6.

Not quite - They (pneumatic cylinders) can be held at intermediate postions - But doing that is pretty tricky and might not be easy to do well (or at all, under some conditions) using the Vex products.

However, unless you want to learn some non-trivial control theory and then implement it in software, Corporalcheeā€™s answer is spot on - Blake