Pneumatics Question //

What is the maximum I should pump my pneumatics system up to?
I don’t want to break anything.

100 psi. Per the game manual, R25. Any question that has to do with the rules is always answered by the game manual.


can the whole system hold that?
Thanks for the quick reply

yes, the system can safely hold 100 psi, and you should try to put 100 psi in always otherwise you’re missing out on potential pressure


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don’t push it past 100 though, not only because it isn’t competition legal, but because it could start to damage some of the components or pose a safety risk.


OK, I’ll do that. I had a stopper blow out yesterday at 50 psi. It must 'a been broken.

a stopper? I’m not entirely knowledgeable about pneumatic components but I don’t think there are stoppers.


ah the switch. Never had one fail, but I don’t often use them on the robot itself, just for testing without programming.

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While everything that has been said is correct here I believe that the air tanks are rated for 250 psi. you still shouldn’t go over 100 psi


It’s quite useful to be able to shut off the whole robot’s pressure when making modifications or repairs, and not having to depressurize (especially since two tanks can last long). My team puts the switch right after the tanks.


I read that they were rated for 110 psi.

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if you read the label on the reservoir it says it’s rated for 250 psi


The air tanks have a 250 PSI rating, but the solenoids and the pressure regulators have a rating of about 135 and will be the first to break.


the switch is that one little crap i forgot when testing pnumatics at home this weekend. Suffice to say jank was very dank with an air compressor
might have been old or damaged to blow out but they shouldnt do that