Pneumatics Reservoir

Anyone know where we can buy one of the Vex Reservoirs? I look on SMC’s website and couldn’t find the reservoir that Vex uses. Any ideas? I should add that we don’t want to spend another 100 something dollars from vex just for the reservoir

Plcenter search the part number which is the last group of numbers in the Piston kit’s inventory. inventory
US14227-S0400 part number
[ part]( part)

ya i found this site but it seemed a little sketchy. Has anyone used this site before?

Never tried that place before… 1492 usually gets our pnuematics from
They are also headquarter-ed in Anaheim… last year during worlds I made an emergency run there for some solenoids and fittings. The tanks currently seem out of stock but if you need any other pneumatics part, I can personally vouch for them.

This is the source of my last purchased…

It seems that all orders are fulfilled through SMC. The parts came from Indianapolis in about 1 week.

coastpneumatics is also pretty good!

We ordered a bunch of replacements from this site (almost everything you can get from the VEX website. The order can take a number of weeks (4-5, I think it was). The delivery is staggered and in each shipment you get a small bag of candy. (seriously)

These guys are not sketchy. You can see a video of their warehouse… The products also come with warranties and things like that.

Overall: great place

We have used PLC for pneumatics. Agree on staggered shipment. Great customer service. And a great story about building a multi-million$$$ company from nothing.

I just placed another order for several pneumatic components (including a reservoir) today. All the parts I needed were in stock and should arrive in 3 days. Great service and no problems.


Innovative IDM Contact:
Cyrus Jahani
Inside Sales / Customer Service
Direct: 214.256.7616
Main: 214.574.9500

Alright thanks. That really boosts my confidence. I will probably order from this site.