Pneumatics running when not supposed to

Hello, my team has a piston that runs when it’s not supposed to. When we run a program (even when the device isn’t even in the code) the piston opens and closes its valve. When we run it with a competition switch (that is paused so it shouldn’t do anything) it does the same. When we run a blank program ( just made with nothing added in it) it also runs. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

After updating the firmware, the programs where the digital out is not included no longer activate the piston

still runs when it is not supposed to with the ones where it is included though

I don’t think this is fixable, there are posts in the past and none of them happen to have a good solution. It happens on our bot too. The only fix I can say that somewhat works is setting it to where it fires into the position that you want it to be at the start of the program. The piston firing at other times shouldn’t be match effecting

This seems to just be a quirk in the way the brain controls digital output devices. On my robot, I’ve found that whenever I start a program, it will always set the signal to the solenoids as false. I attempted to fix this by setting the output to true at the start of the program, but that just caused a rapid double firing of the cylinders as the brain set them to false immediately before the program set them to true. It’s a little annoying, but doesn’t really cause any issues, since you can always start the program, and then toggle the solenoid to the desired state before plugging your controller into field control during matches.


Interesting. Our solenoid always reverts back to true whenever we stop the program, which is super annoying since we want it to stay in a retracted position (We use a single action piston, by the way) Is there anyway to ensure the output is false by default?

Also, I noticed that the port’s Digital Input automatically goes to high. Is that supposed to happen?

I don’t use single actings but the problem is the same… I mean it’s not supposed to happen but like @Xenon27 said;

So therefore,

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