Pneumatics wires problem

I have issues with the wires that connects pnumatics with the cortex.

“Solenoid Driver - Cable w/Driver, Connects one VEX I/O Port to one Solenoid - SOLENOID-DRIVER”

I tried everything and cannot seem to fix the wires. I checked the wires and they are all fine with no cuts or anything.
Recently our school bought new pnumatics set and when I tried these wires, the pnumatics worked just fine.

I don’t know whats the problem with old wires.
I need two wires for 2 pistons.

If anyone has extra ones that they can lend me at worlds will be great. Also if you have any suggestions for me, please help…

How do you know the wires have issues?

What symptoms are you experiencing?


Whenever I use my old wires, my pneumatic wings don’t pop out. If I use the new wire it pops out. I switched the cortex, ports pistons and everything. Still same problem. I will have another look tommorow.
If they don’t work I am screwed for worlds:confused::confused:
Hope for best:)

By “wire” do you mean the little pcb that converts the digital signal for the pneumatic solenoid?

Check the obvious things, are they plugged in the correct way around, black on the outside of the cortex. I assume they are if you tried a working replacement, anyway VEX does sell the cables as an individual part.

I don’t know if you switched ports when you got the new pneumatics. But maybe the port you had the wire plugged in the first time could be faulty. If you tried a different port already with it and it still doesn’t work I have no idea. Make sure its in the right section on the cortex too on the digital side.

Glad the new pneumatic got your bot working :smiley:

Call VEX tech support directly. On the telephone. If your cables are bad, they can help you.

Thanks Rick Tyler. I will contact the vex support.

If you still need some cables, I’m fairly certain our team will lend you some.

Yeah I checked them again yesterday. Still the same. It will be great if you can lend us the cables for worlds. Thanks 404.

Why don’t you simply use the new, working cables?

Other ones are being used as well. :slight_smile: