On the double action Pneumatics, Will they stay in the out position until they are activated again?
Will the single action Pneumatics, do the same thing?
I need it to move to the out position and stay there till I want them to close.

for the double action- they should remain out until the other switch side is pressed.

Hello All,
if I need to use compressed air circuitry with a FESNO (I think that’s what I have) valve, solenoids and actuators what do you think are some of the limitations.
I’m finding difficulty running one and my hunch is the voltage potential. The Vex battery pack only provides 7.2V and the valve might need at least 12V. Is that the case?

Thanks for your input.

does anybody here have the pneumatics and are they worth it like what can you do with them i just wanted to know if they were worth it or not because they cost so much:(