Im looking into using the vex pneumatics with and upcomming project. So im curious, if anyone has used it before with good results? and if it is all that strong? It says 100 psi which is pretty significant, so is it really that capable and well put together? And is it worth the $180 or is there a better place to get a small set and then intergrate it manually?

also does anyone have the approximate weight of the single acting cylinder set

i was helping my dad mentor an FRC team last year, it seems to me the vex pneumatic kits are similar to the pneumatics used in FRC

now if a 13 year old (me) can get an entire pneumatics set up and running then it shouldnt be that hard, it was fairly easy to set up except the putting teflon tape on was really annoying!

I’m a little bit older than 13, but I agree in that the vex pneumatics are designed to be user friendly

iv never used the pneunatics kit but it appears easy to use. as far as how strong it is would depend on your system. you could cantilever it for more power with less travel. The only thing that i can think would be the air compressing and losing a seal somewhere

okay im using it for an external device not for travel i have special high torque motors just for that. basicxman how well did it work? im not worried about putting it together, that is not a problem for me. Im looking more for is it relativly powerfull and did the system hold together well and is it worth the money or should i look into buying a different system and just integrating it into to the vex controller

If you need something that provides linear motion with only two positions, the pneumatics kits are great. I’m currently using them on a robot for a college course, and for my applications they work much better than motors/servos would for their mechanisms.

As for the strength, you can do calculations using the maximum operating pressure of the cylinder multiplied by the surface area of the inside of the piston head to find out how much force they put out. But for a quick reference, they are plenty powerful enough to do practically anything that you can expect a Vex robot to do.

I know that the NERDS used the vex pneumatics on their NURC robot (underwater robot). They worked better than I thought they would and provided a lot of force, but I think the team had to do some integration with their FRC pneumatics stuff to get it to work the way they wanted.

The one main benefit to vex pneumatics is that they can provide much more force than the motors can. This may be a good enough reason to use them for your project.

allright i think im gonna order a set and see how well they work because i need a strong very quick jolt of force and i think that these will do it. They do release quickly correct?

not sure how well the single acting cylinders work, but here is something i built with the doubles…
ps. i have another pneumatics project coming soon. once i’m done with the bot i’m working on now.

That is really cool, i am going to get a set of pneumatics in a few weeks after i sell my old laptop.

After i get those i will have a lot of parts to build stuff with.