I just purchased a vex pneumatics kit and i cannot figure out how to get the remote to control the single action cylinders. can someone who has used this tell me what port to plug the cylinder into and what settings the remote needs to programed to. it would be greatly helpful

It is controlled from a motor port, if you want to control it from channel 1 on the controller then you would plug it into motor port one.

I do not believe there is any special settings, vex did not say that a programming kit was required so there is not much you can change without it.

Check and see if you are actually pumping air into the tank and that it is not leaking out.

That should work, also it may be working but the air might not be getting through.

I don’t have the pneumatic kit but it is very straight forward, make sure you assembled it right and that all hosing and things are securely connected.

I don’t have the pneumatics kit but know how it works…You plug it into one of the digital out I/O ports (default 11-16) on the Vex Microcontroller. Then use a program like this (assuming you want to use channel 5 on the controller and i/o 11):
**Variable: Channel5

Channel5=GetRXInput (1,5);
if (Channel5 = 0) 'Pressed
SetDigitalOutput (11,1); //On
Wait 1000
SetDigitalOutput (11,0_; //Off

Hope this helps!

I thought it could only be controlled through a I/O port. :slight_smile:

Yea but with the sensor kits it states that you must have a programming kit in order to use the sensor.

The pneumatics on the other hand don’t say that so i am thinking that it was designed to work without a programming kit from a motor port.

Who knows, it might work both ways but i am not sure.

i am almost sure tht would be a very bad thing to do. you could blow out the solenoid by giving it the unregulated 7V from the motor ports instead of the 5V out of the IO ports.

I must have read over that usually they say that in red text but i guess i missed it.

So you will have to buy a programming kit to use the pneumatics.

Check ebay to see if you can get a deal if not its only $99.

Are we allowed to use pneumatics in a non-FIRST competition like the Bridge Battle? I’ve read the rules several times, and I didn’t see anything about pneumatics, but I just wanted to make sure before we actually start building

I’ve been wondering the same thing and have not seen anything in the rules prohibiting it.

I believe this question has already been asked try searching the forum.

I tried searching for it, but i only found questions about how well it works and how to program the “mirco” so that it can be used
Maybe i used the wrong keyword…
Well, since you seem to know the answer, will u please answer this question?

Sorry normally I would have included the thread that you would have found if you searched but I didn’t have time earlier. Here is the post in this thread.

From that it would seem that the pneumatics are legal.

Thank you, I’ll try using pneumatics, hoping it works…

At the risk of sounding ignorant, there is a question I have to ask regarding the pneumatics. Is it possible to use them with the new VexPlorer kit? From the documentation I have read on them I couldn’t tell if it needed to be the original vex system combined with the programming kit. I am thinking that they are incompatible mainly due to the fact that the motors are incompatible so the outputs must be sending out different signals or different amounts of power. Any help clarifying however would be great. Thanks.


There is no way to program the Vexplorer and therefore it would lead me to the conclusion that the Vex pneumatics would not work with the Vexplorer. In other words you don’t have any Digital/Analog ports under your control, therefore it would be impossible (without hacking) to incorporate them.


Yes, Vex pneumatics will work with the Vexplorer receiver. We do not recommend this, and you may suffer some reliability issues with the pneumatic solenoid or the Vexplorer receiver.