we are new with pneumatics and we need help nothing is working. what can we do? please help

Are you guys using double acting or single acting pistons? Although I suppose it doesn’t matter really. Either way, have you read the inventors guide? I found it very helpful. I feel like it simplifies the whole pneumatic system, making it less overwhelming.

We have checked that and its still not correct. I think its a programming issue.

Have you made sure the system has no leaks? Before we got our pneumatics working, we had issues with leaking. Pressurize the system and see if you maintain pressure at the connections.

Programming is a simple digital out. Are you using ROBOTC or easyC?

Make sure that the tank is pressurizing… the nut on the pump fitting can prevent some bike pumps from opening the seal…


We use easyC. We have air for a while and it does not leak alot.


I don’t know if you have solved your problem yet or not, but setting a digital output is easy with EasyC.

You just need to use the “Digital Output” block. You need to remember to configure your i/o port first - setting whatever pin you want to use as an output. Select it from the drop down menu and set it to “1” to turn on the solenoid valve and “0” to turn it off. If you have any problems, EasyC has plenty of help.

Can you turn your valves on and off - you should be able to hear them clicking? The pneumatics are really easy to use - just make sure there are no leaks and that everything is connected to the right ports.

Hope this helps, if not, please provide a little more detail as far as what isn’t working and what you’ve tried.

there are two places where you can adjust the amount of air going to the pistons one shown here:
(this was our problem with our pneumatics)

and the other one is the pressure regulator.
it might be a problem that the system isn’t getting enough air

We have lowered our air. I put our Digital outputs into a If statement. they still haven’t worked right.
In the begining we pump them up and the are activated till we lowered the air. :confused:

This is the first part of the code that my team wrote today in robotC. It may be help to you. This is for PIC, however.

task main();
while(1 == 1)
if (vexRT[Ch5]==127)
else if(vexRT[Ch6]==127)

its our programming they work with motor slots.

Could you post your code?

They now decide to work…However can we make them start in instead of out? We are using the sinlge air cylinders.

You guys have been so much help

I don’t know about that… with double-acting cylinders, you can just switch the in/out…

You could set the value of the digital out in pre-autonomous if there isn’t a more elegant way…


We have tried that and we still cant get it. Im gonna try and preset them in operator.


What do you mean - are you using motor ports to control the solenoids? They should be plugged into one of the digital i/o ports. If you could post your code that would be helpful.

As long as the solenoids are off the single-acting cylinders should be retracted. They only extend when the solenoids turn on and allow air to enter the cylinders. One of the first things your program should do is set the digital pins controlling the solenoids to “0’s”.

Without seeing your code, it’s hard to help, but I hope you can get it figured out.

Does anyone know Where the tubes go? i think we have them plugged in wrong but…Programming works


Annotated Diagram:


OK we leave the robot off and they are activated. is this code because in pre auton they are off. this wont let me post the code either.