My team was planning on using pneumatics, but we’re realizing we may not have enough pressure to use them on the intakes we need them for. We were thinking of using two separate tanks each at 100psi, but is that legal?

Yes, that is legal. Here is the official rule:

If you want to save air, you can use a pressure regulator, which will give plenty of actuations.

Oh, okay. So using two separate tanks would basically be seen as having two pneumatic devices?

There is no limit on pneumatic devices, just the two tanks, so you can have as many cylinders as you want.

In regards to the pressure limit, it says devices instead of tanks because your whole system (hoses, valves, etc) connected to the tank will have pressure on it as well, not just the tanks. The pressure is constant throughout the system, so if you charge the tank to 100psi, everything directly connected to the tank will be at 100psi.

One thing we noticed but Im not sure if this solves your problem but on the pneumatic piston there is a plate that you can unscrew to have more pressure in the piston, meaning the piston will open and close faster.

That doesn’t change the pressure. It is called a flow meter and changes the flow out of the piston. This changes speed without changing force. The pressure regulator can be used to change pressure.

We are looking into purchasing a second reservoir for our pneumatics. Just wondering what all do I need to buy? We have an entire double acting kit. Does it work if I just hook the 2 reservoirs together via a t fitting, then hook the on/of switch to the t fitting?

Yup, this works, however you will need something to plug the ends of the pneumatic tanks.

What is it the I need to plug? The two holes on the reservoir are the valve for a bike pump, and the one to attach the tube. Any pics of what you’re talking about?

When you buy the tank itself, the two holes on the ends are open, you will need to buy the tire pump fitting and one touch hose fitting separately.

On the VEX Robotics page of the pneumatics kits, all of the parts and their numbers are listed. All of the part numbers are from SMC, except for the tire pump fitting, which can be bought at McMaster Carr.

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If you are trying to add pressure by adding a tank you may be disappointed. The 2nd tank will give you more acutuations but the pressure is still 100 psi. The pistons are only rated for 100 psi so you really do not want to double to pressure anyway.