why do we lose pressure in our pneumatics after 5 seconds what are common ways people lose pressure and how do we fix

I would try to avoid pneumatics, there is almost nothing they offer that motors cannot do, however, try these steps

  1. Look at all connections, try to find loose fittings, etc
  2. Redo the entire system
  3. Test each part individually
  4. Buy a new system

This problem can be attributed to a leak somewhere, or either that you are activating too many pistons. In this case, use a regulator to help control the flow of air.

Find the leak. Leaks can be caused by tubing cut at an angle, no seal on something or anything in between.
Do you lose air without triggering pistons?

Pneumatics can be very useful in the right system even when replacing 2 motors. Pneumatics have there advantages the same as motors do.

True, but I still find that motors have more uses overall

Motors my have more uses until you run out of them. That’s why pneumatics are great… you can keep adding pistons for different mechanisms where as motors are limited. Same with rubberbands. its free power beyond the limitations of motors. Pneumatics can be complicated but you learn to use them with practice. the most common place that i find air leaking is when you cut the tubing, make sure it is not cut at an angle because that can release some air at the fittings. also do not over pressurize the system as this will damage the solenoids and pistons over time because they are only rated for 100 psi. Also, try to remove the air pump quickly so you do not lose too much air which decreases your pressure significantly.

I have made piston drives before. Like the old steam trains, but with ratchets. It is slow, but man is it cool when a piston system works well. I’d say treat the system like a winning lottery ticket