I cannot find pneumatics in the VEX store. Are they no longer permitted in VEX EDR competitions?

Try this link. It is interesting that it no longer shows up where it used to.

link text

VEX Resellers also sell the individual components (for example, a second air tank to increase air capacity).

Also, for the “good of the group”, I’ve attached a couple industry sources for pneumatic components. As has been discussed in other threads, the prices from VEX are consistent with industry prices on pneumatics, and you’re probably best off buying the pre-assembled kits from VEX or it’s resellers. However, some mentors (or involved parents) might be able to create a situation like mine: my company is not able to give us cash for sponsorship, but is willing to purchase commercially available stuff from industrial suppliers with which they already have accounts. My company routinely purchases equipment from both Motion Industries and PLC center, and parts lists for both are attached. This means I only need to buy the control cables and cylinder attachment fittings from a VEX reseller, and my company buys the rest for me and gives it to the team.
SMC pneumetics parts.xlsx (12.3 KB)

For future reference, Pneumatics can be found on this page:

I noticed that it was pretty easy to skim over it, so I changed the image in the list of store products to a pneumatic tank (as opposed to the kit image that was used previously). Hopefully that prevents this problem from happening again. When all else fails, use the search bar. :slight_smile: