Pnuematic double acting cylinder extending slowly

We recently got our pneumatics and have been trying to set it up. I coded a button to extend the cylinder and a button to retract the cylinder (I attached the code below). The problem is that pneumatic extends way slower than it retracts. I attached a video below showing what is happening. Does anyone have any ideas for solutions? Thanks.

(this is coded in PROS)

(Here is a link to the video)

you can loosen the little screw looking thing in the end of that T looking part and it will extend faster.


or you can remove that piece entirely and replace it with a normal fitting. That piece is a flow regulator and it limits the speed that air can enter and exit. Which is sometimes good but more often you don’t want to limit the speed at all.


It works, only problem is now we don’t have any normal fittings for our other cylinder

in that case you can leave the flow regulator on, and just loosen it all the way. fully loosened, it acts like a regular fitting.