Pnuematic lift

If I had a pnuematic slam down at its max pressure how much weight can it lift.
I’m want to use pnuematics to hang but I want to make sure I dont break it.

" Max Force:54 N " is what the official specification says. If the specification is referring to only one piston then the 100 psi system with only one piston should be able to lift 12.15 lbs. I’m not sure how this would work in actuality. I would try it with many pistons at first and take off as needed, rubber bands on the pistons could help too so long as you have double acting cylinders. See you in San Luis Obispo!:slight_smile:

If onpiston does 12.15 pounds, two should easyliy do it

It’s lifting 12.5 pounds with a two inch stroke. If you want to move 12.5 pounds 24 inches, you’d need 12 pistons.

Or you could stick with a low hang and use two. I will be at SLO this weekend as well.

Good luck with your hanging endeavor.

Well the thread title is about a piston lift.

But if I understand correctly all the OP wanted was a piston low hang which some hints can be seen here.

an important factor when building this is the rubber band system. Rubber bands can pull to retract the piston thus transferring some of the power from the extend stroke to help in the hanging process.

Another option is to use just one or two and put them on a type of arm so the distance that the stroke moves the end of the arm is increased, however, the power would be less, so you would need to use more, or rubber bands.

I wasn’t talking about 12 pistons connected end to end. Yes, I understand leverage. you would need the force provided by 12 pistons to move the end of the arm up 24 inches vertically if it weighed 12.5 pounds.

ok, yes, that is very true. i understand now

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is the angle it is mounted at, many teams (myself included) have tried to put a piston close to the fulcrum to get a larger swing, because not only do you lose leverage, but unless you have a vertical lift, the force normally not perpendicular to motion so you must factor in the cosign of the angle at every point. If you really want to be sure, draw vector diagrams of all forces (e.g. weight, piston, rubber bands) and their angles. Also remember that the 54N is at 100psi. If you have several pistons and 1 tank, you may find yourself unable to lift partway through the match.