Pnuematic problem on physical robot

Does anyone know how to increse the presure for when the Pnuematic extends? When i have it extend it doesnt move the claw due to no pressure, contracting works how ever. The knob in the instructions only changes the pressure for when the Pmuematic contracts. I know it’s not a code thing since as far as i know Pnuematic is only a Yes/No situation and it does attempt to move.

I presume you are using a double-acting piston? As for the knob about which you speak: are you talking about the pressure regulator? Each side of the double-acting piston needs to be connected to its solenoid via pneumatic tubing. The solenoid needs to be connected to the solenoid driver, which is connected to a cable connected to the Cortex.

If both sides of your double-acting piston are getting pressure but you are not getting movement in only one direction, then perhaps you have too many elastics countering the piston force in that one direction?

Yes it is the pessure regulator. thanks for the picture it made this alot easier to understand. I belive it is dual acting (if that is the one where you have to press the button twice to change postions). From what I understood of your explanation that is the only regulator of pressure correct? the “knob” I turned is the little peg thing on the rgulator( the white tip), is there another part for changing pressure for the other direction? sorry if anything was confusing I dont really understand what I’m saying either.

thanks for any help you may give

On a soecond look at the picture i think the other pressure thing is on the Piston itself. the on that regulates the out ward force?

Maybe not Nevermind. Again I have no Idea what im doing

Have you thoroughly read this?

I’m guessing you have something not hooked up correctly and this should get you back on track.

A couple things to check, all based off the terms in the diagram above.

Are you using a pressure regulator?
Is the tank pumped fully up to 100psi and the on/off switch open?
Is all of the tubing not excessively long, and there are no kinks or sharp bends in it?

On the pressure regulator knob on the double acting cylinder itself could possibly cause issue. Unhook the tubing from it, and the adjust the knob (go all the way tight, clockwise, and then loosen it) so that you can move the cylinder in both directions with minimal resistance.