How do you hook the pnuematics to the robot. The reason i am asking is because we are planning to us pnuematics but have never used them for vex before. We are planing to hook it up to our claw in the front (just a fyi).

If you’re using Double Acting Cylinders, you’d set up your pneumatics like this:

If you are using single acting Cylinders, you’d set up your system like this:

For programming, connect the solenoid wire to a digital output (I think maybe :L) then make the sensor type “Digital Out.” For double acting cylinders, telling the SensorValue to be 1 would make the cylinder fully extend out with force, and a SensorValue to be 0 would make the cylinder fully extend in with force. With single acting cylinders, 1 will make the cylinder fully extend out, while 0 makes the cylinder not apply any force.
NOTE//: Reservoirs should only be filled with a max of 100 PSI!!!

how would u advise to fill the tanks up with

Usually with a bike pump would be the cheapest route :). But we bought a miniature drill-looking motored pump that fills our reservoir :P.
EDIT//: Here is an image of what we got:

does it work pretty good

Yup, it can fill the reservoir in less than 6 seconds, which is very fast compared to a bicycle pump. As what I can tell, the cost for one is at the ballpark of $50, which isn’t that bad…

ok thanks