Point question

Do the stars that start next to the bot in the starting area count as points at the end of the match?

Yes, all points are counted at the end of the match no matter how much they’ve been interacted with.

So does that mean that they count at the end of autonomous period?

Yes, you could feasibly win autonomous just by pushing the stars into the near zone.

Yeah its actually a good idea for early season robots. It’s also helpful for teams with scoops and stuff that pick up stars and then move to the fence, if they don’t get the stars over the fence. They will still be descored and that could still win autonomous.

Robot-1 Star per second, far range [SPOILER]

Seriousley, show us, from afar so we cant see what u did if u want.

You need to either stop attempting to hype up your robot, or provide some actual useful feedback. If you don’t have anything to say that adds to the conversation, it is better to just keep quiet.

Yeah it is getting kind of annoying. I’m all for being excited about your robot but when you are talking about how amazing it is on forums discussion strategies and designs, and then don’t provide us with any information whatsoever, it gets ridiculous. Honestly just in general refusing to tell people how your robot works irritates me a little bit (not like a ton because I somewhat understand it) but these are forums for discussion and sharing ideas not hiding things from people because you think they are going to steal your design. Someone else could very well have the same plan as you and you not know it and as the season goes in its going to happen more and more, it’s not going to affect you though if you do it better. People knowing your ideas isn’t going to kill you, if you give a parts list and 3d rendering of it then you might have some problems with copying.

I agree, I understand wanting to keep your design secret but somebody will find out about it before october, so why not just show us, if you dont have any positive input for us than please refrain yourself from partaking in the forums about it. Unless you would like to show us, which would be nice, but if you dont at least post a distance vid. of it.

cough 10 balls per second cough

As others have said, though, if you aren’t going to share anything useful that’s fine, but there’s no need to post about it here.

Unless you’re the discos or have proof, don’t make these claims. Especially not this early in the season. It’s been what, less than a week?

I was merely referencing the hype surrounding a certain thread. I’m not claiming to have attained the holy but less-than-useful 10 bps.
EDIT: Okay, I understand what you meant now.

No, I wasn’t arguing with you. I was adding to your point. Sorry for the confusion.

Edit: Wasn’t trying to, anyway.

yes i think so but not in autonomous though

It may be slightly redundant, but I would just like to clarify that this includes the Driver cube loads as well. If your alliance does not introduce their cube into play, the opposing alliance automatically will automatically gain the 4 points the cube would be worth if it was in the far zone.

@Mightykiko The way I understand it though, doesn’t your alliance only have one driver load cube for the last thirty seconds?

I would think the best strategy would be to put the cube down as soon as possible so you don’t forget it, because I can’t think of any real importance to when/how you place the cube onto the field. I think the reason behind the time restraint is to ensure there’s other stuff than lifting to be done in the very last few seconds.

Yes last 30 sec. only