Points by Area on RobotEvents.com

On robotevents.com in you click download csv for matches it only gives the basic match info (teams, score), but not the score per scoring area as in previous years. If or when will this be updated in the because points by area is an useful feature for scouting teams based on previous matches?

I really want to know this as well. Are there any RECF reps that can let us know?

I have posted this question a while back in the official answers, but it got moved somewhere and never answered. I asked again in the official answers and it got moved here.

The official answers section is only monitored by VEX staff, not the RECF. The best way to get an answer regarding any sort of RECF issue not related to World Champs, is to contact them directly.

http://www.roboticseducation.org/contact-us/ or support@robotevents.com

Thank you. I sent an email to RECF and will post the answer here if/when I get a response.

I checked the results of the download for each of two seasons and “536C” is correct, the scoresheet details are not downloading this season. I have sent this to our software developers so they can fix it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thank you for the response. Any ETA on when this will be corrected?

Thank you for looking at this

I do not have an ETA for you yet. I will update this thread when I have additional information.

Any updates on this?

Unfortunately, detailed scoring information for Toss Up will not be available. You can still download match scores and standings from the event pages in www.robotevents.com. We are investigating how to provide detailed scoring for the new game that will be introduced in April, 2014.