Points Calculator Concept

How viable would it be to have a points counter to count and determine the most efficient way to score the most points in a certain amount of time? This would probably be carried out on a second controller so drivers have access to the information. I just want to hear your thoughts on this concept.

Thanks, Connor

That sounds viable and you can probably figure out how many cubes your robot intake and scored, and the time remaining for the match. My only concern would be how would you get the points from the opponents?

This had me thinking as well:
I think it will be a pretty cool idea to get a lot of data to get the average time a robot would generally score stacks, then put the average time in the controller so you can drive over and block the opponents before they can score their stack.

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Not sure what you are asking, but I know the VRC Hub app allows you to input all point values, and calculate scores. My team has our 3rd drive team member on that during matches and feeding our driver relevant info. Not the same as program that tells drivers what they need to do, but that comes from driving experience, and experimentation.

I think they want something that does this but on the V5 Controllers:

UI would be interesting to figure out… Certainly a possibility.,

The easiest is just to bring a device with Google Sheets cached.

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