Points For IN THE ZONE

What are the total points you can score?

Skills: 232
Max combined in Match: 283
Max Single Alliance in Match: 229


I think the above number forgot to include the autonomous bonus,
For a single alliance in a match you have:
1x mobile goal in 20 point zone = 20pnts
3x mobile goals in 10 point zone = 30pnts
80x stacked cones = 160pnts
highest stack bonus for 20 point zone = 5pnts
highest stack bonus for 10 point zone = 5pnts
highest stack bonus for stationary goal= 5pnts
2x Parking bonus = 4pnts
1x Autonomous bonus= 10pnts

=239 maximum points

however it should be noted 12 cones are your opponent’s driver loads and 2 are their preloads, realistically you wont be scoring these unless your opponent helps you.

There is a 4th highest stack bonus for the 5 point zone, making the maximum 244.

@LegoMindstormsmaniac Wouldn’t getting the last highest-stack bonus require you to move a goal out of the 10 point zone into the 5 point zone, meaning that the points work out the same?

Good Point.