POLL: Dead VEXnet modules

Anyone else have dead VEXnet modules?

I am in a fall league (non-VEX, but we have a VEX portion), and we have around 17 teams.

We just completed our third competition with VEXnet and around 10 of the teams have either had faulty VEXnet modules or they have failed. 4 today.

Anyone else had such problems with VEXnet?

Hm…let’s not point fingers now.

We have 5 VEXnet modules. All five are currently functional, and making our programmer very happy.

The largest issue with the VEXnet controllers seeming to not fair well in competition is either the Firmware is not up to date, or the master code is not up to date.

And what exactly do you mean “dead”. Meaning that they no longer linked up? They no longer worked with the FMS? They no longer connected to your laptop?

Agreed, we have been using two different VEXnet systems in the college division since March 2009 and they have functioned properly without any problems.

I believe there are two kinds of VEXnet systems, 1) a pure system and 2) an original VEX controller system (V0.5) upgraded to VEXnet. It may be important to identify which kind of system you have when indicating you are/are not having problems.

It may also become important to identify when you received your VEXnet hardware components. Systems may be built in “batches” and some “batches” may be more prone to issues than others.