(Poll) How often do you save you code?

  • Every line I write
  • Every so often
  • When it gets downloaded to the brain (Automatic)
  • When I’m done
  • Never

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Interesting topic - but can you do a poll about code retention strategies?

I have ‘Autosave’ enabled, which does it every few seconds


How do this in Vexcode Pro V5? Do you use Google drive or something else?

This is not an exaggeration in the slightest- it is mentally straining to me if I type for more than 5 seconds without saving.


IDK, I don’t use Vexcode, I use PROS with VSCode and it just saves to my computer. The category for this topic is also #programming:pros
Maybe someone with more Vexcode knowledge could answer your question better.

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I don’t think Vexcode has an equivalent feature of this, but it will automatically save upon download.

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Autosave doesn’t exist in VEXCode as what I am aware of.

What I am more concerned is backups. How frequently do teams backup/clone their code while programming?

  • Not at all
  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Once a coding session
  • Every time something works
  • Every time I try something new
  • I use github

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I aim to git commit every time something works, but it typically ends up being weekly because of laziness.

I wish I was diligent enough to do version control for vex programing. I use git hub for other projects and yet I kinda just don’t.

I really should

I made this poll a couple months ago, I think this is the data you were looking for

How often have you lost your code because you didn’t save it?

  • Never
  • Once, and only once
  • A few times
  • All the time

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