Poll on new Forum

As stated by VEX here (https://vexforum.com/t/vex-forum-update-2015/29629/1) the forum is getting up updated. I made this poll to see what peoples opinions are on the change.

I think that the change will be good overall. For the most part, people hate change, but I think once everyone gets used to it, it will feel more organized and easy to use. I like that they are getting rid on the photo gallery and incorporating better ways to use photos and attachments in the forum.

You’ve posted a poll based on FUD = Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The FUD factor is what keeps places from becoming Great Places.

IFI, the parent of VEX is known for hiring smart people. The two guys that started it have been know to say “Hire people smarter than you”. (Which you would think would put people like JVN, Karthik and Art in a tough bind) VEX has filled their staff positions with some really smart people the last years. Look at the new products, look at VEXIQ and the HEXbugs and how they can be combined. Their VEXPro line of parts is just amazing.

On the side, IFI runs three forums, VEX, VEXIQ and Chief Delphi. The VEXIQ forum look and feel is vastly different from VEX/CD. It’s geared to new people with middle school kids, so it’s super simple for things like “this is broke” or “Karthik can we mount a shark on our IQ robot?” (No). The community over there is small, but this is only year 3 of VEXIQ. But the IQ community is deep, there are a few people there that are hard core Lego people that have switched over and are putting out some cool stuff. They seem to be coping OK with a “substandard forum”

CD/VEX sites have the same look and feel and they have started the process over there (CD) of trimming some stuff away and at some point will flip over. From being on CD for a long time, they have a lower “this change will ruin my entire robot experience” tipping point and they seem to be coping with the minor changes.

Frog story: If you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out. If you put a frog in cool water and heat it slowly, the frog will sit there until it’s cooked]]

VB 5 has some features that are useful to us, but there are a slew of anti-spam features that are helpful to the moderators. Plus there are improvements in speed, size, etc. that we will get.

So I vote for “lets wait and see how wonderful it will be”. I’m busy building robots and software, so I don’t have the bandwidth to mess about with forum details.

But you do, so please post "Dear Paul Copioli, I’m a rabid VEX forum user. I want to make the forums better. Here is my resume of sites that I’ve worked on {huge site list}. I want to work on the VEX site and I’d like {to pay you for the opportunity , work for minim wage and the chance to hang with JVN, some huge salary amount, other} to work on this. Warmest personal regards { your name here}

TL;DR Smart people are behind the change, it won’t crush your life, but feel free to wring your hands in the privacy of your own robot lab.

Actually, by <R8a> of the VEX IQ Challenge Bank Shot Game Manual, a shark could be a legal non functional decoration. This would really depend on both the size and whether it’s an actual shark or just a toy. Toy sharks would be legal; actual sharks probably aren’t…

Pretty sure Karthiks reply just made my day :D:D next step is to install a shark on my robot as well

Mine too!! But now I’m wondering if I need to go to the IQ Forum and post the obvious followup questions about “Sharks with Lasers” :rolleyes:

Left Sharks for Everyone!

We need an upvote button on the new forums…

Upvote on:

– Going to VB 5?
– Going to VB 5 with the same template?
– Adding a forum for “OMG what a great rendering”
– on all the amazing Foster posts
– on all the amazing James posts
– on all the Tabor postings, just because they are all just great?
– on the possibility that all robots at worlds will have the “Left Shark” sticker on them?

So many upvotes to pick from!

Basically, we just need a reddit.

because that doesnt exist