Poll on starting tile

We are curious as to which starting tile is most popular and for what use in autonomous. The reason is for people starting autonomous that does not rely on one or the other to make their auto for the less used one to avoid clashing with their alliance.

I like starting on the one furthest away from the opposing alliance so that I can get across the field easily without collision.

I would guess people who go out in the field in auton would prefer the outside tiles:

From VEX Robotics “Nothing But Net” | Field Cleared (UH West Oahu Competition)

The minority will probably be the inside tiles. At higher level competition, every second will count, so there will probably be races for the pyramids in the “neutral zone” (in between the red and blue tiles), instead of going for a “safe” autonomous.

We prefer the inside tiles because we don’t move in autonomous (yet) and like quick access to the pyramids that are competed for.

Since we do not move anywhere outside of the tile for autonomous, we can use either tile. I am working on an autonomous for both sides to grab a stack of balls, so once I get to test it in competition I will find out which works best for me.

I guess we will see how it works this weekend…lol

I haven’t even been able to test yet and I just put on a gyroscope (which I have never used before), so I doubt I will be able to test enough before competition. If anything it will shoot and then drive and attempt to postiton itself :stuck_out_tongue: I might just have to send my robot out to knock over the other stacks in such a way that they roll closer to our tiles

Our field is lifted and we shoot with such a high arc that we hit the ceiling. We plan on showing up at 7 so we can have plenty of time to test.

But hey, lets get together in eliminations (because I know we will annoy you until we are told you don’t even know who you are getting with) :stuck_out_tongue: haha

I tend to like the outside tile as a base shooter because I think it gives me a tiny bit more security against an opposing robot “accidentally” running into me during auto and later driver control

LOL…Get that autonomous working and we might pick you…See you early in the AM(we should be there by 7:30)

Lol, I’m actually on my way to grab my robot from the CCA. Going to be working on it most of the night. It’s hard to really test without the field, but we will find out tomorrow :slight_smile: We need that accurate, high scoring autonomous.