Poll - Please help

I created this poll in order to collect some information on how different teams run and how they feel about different things. I hope to use this help shape my next season, and because it might just be interesting to have and be able to refer to. Your help would be much appreciated!

I will release what results I get after a week or two.

If it could be passed on to others, outside of the vex forums, that would be much appreciated too!

Just filled it out. Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

Make it shorter preamble - never got to the questions.

Very detailed survey, allow 10 minutes to complete. (I wasn’t expecting it to take so long)

Major props for the time and effort to make the survey by the way. I think a ton of factors and variables can be learned by this to further improve VEX.

Enjoy my data! :slight_smile:


I’m working on mine right now, but I’m a bit confused as to what you want for “How did you get to worlds?”
Would you be able to elaborate?

It really, really bothers me that I have to finish filling out a page before I can see the next. The problem is that that means I don’t know how to answer some questions because I don’t know how they’re being posed. For example, I see the Bo1 v. Bo3 question, but there is nothing about 2-team v. 3-team alliances on that page. I can’t see further, which means I also don’t know if this is the last page. The result is I have no idea how I’m supposed to answer the question asked. To complete the survey I have to guess and recognize that incorrect information may get registered from me. I don’t want someone claiming I said something I didn’t mean to say, so that means I just cannot complete the survey. Ultimately, that is a big problem with how the survey is implemented. I appreciate the effort, but knowing how this is begging to collect false information from me and potentially a large number of others, I won’t be able to believe the results no matter what they are unless the implementation is changed, and anyone who understands surveys well should be stuck with the same inability to believe the results once they see the trap the implementation creates.

The questions is just in a vaccuum if you prefer bo1 or bo3.

Done! I look forward to seeing the results.

The only type of people who oppose raw data collection with no context behind it are the ones most likely to manipulate their answers if they knew how their information was being used, so thank you for not corrupting this data :wink:

Is it? Is it asking Bo1 v. Bo3 format or Bo1 v. Bo3 in a vacuum? It doesn’t say. Is there a follow up question about 2-team v. 3-team alliances? I can’t see. Not only that, it doesn’t really even ask which you prefer. It asks “Best of 1? Yes/no.” I’m assuming that is asking if you prefer Bo1 to Bo3. It could be asking if you’ll compete in VRC with Bo1, go to worlds with Bo1, etc. Even compared to Bo3 needs to be inferred, but the context and the follow-up questions helps with that. But, again, if I have to make assumptions like that to know what a question is asking, that’s a problem.

No context? Is it Bo1 v. Bo3 in a vacuum or Bo1 v. Bo3 format (including different numbers of teams, 2-team alliances) as adopted by VRC? These questions do revolve around VRC, which is making this change, if you couldn’t tell. Oh, look at that! Context!!! I don’t know which context the question has, and even if it’s one of those instead of something else requires an assumption. This is not about manipulating an answer, but about answering properly. I’ve already publicly stated I prefer Bo3 while preferring VRC’s Bo1 format. So which answer do I give without knowing the context? And if you really don’t feel there is context, go to a random person on the street and ask, “Best of 1, yes or no?” and see if they even understand what you’re asking. Thank you for so clearly demonstrating that some people are blind to context, meaning they don’t know for sure what they’re even answering.

Separately, are people answering the question about the number of members on teams properly? The English is clear, but in a way that confuses a lot of people. For clarity, it’s asking for the total number of members on all teams (i.e. added together), excluding those members who aren’t on any team at all.

I think what you’re missing is that the ‘context’ you can’t see has already been established. Obviously people will know that it has to do with VRC, as the link to this survey is posted on the Vex Forums. We’re not just some random people on the street, so quite frankly that information is completely unnecessary to provide (if you don’t count the title of the survey already having Vex in its name).

As for your personal answer, it’s pretty clear that you should respond with what you feel is appropriate for VRC, as that is what the survey is about, and unless you have some extreme short term memory loss, you should already know that. Given this, please respond saying that you “prefer VRC’s Bo1 format.”

It’s clear. It’s simple. It has context given where the link was posted and the fact that it says Vex in its name. This isn’t the type of survey you’d hand to random people in LA on Jimmy Kimmel with a mic right next to them. I think you’re really over complicating this when in fact it’s an extremely simple process.

I don’t know if you failed to see it, but at the bottom of the page is a large button with the word “Back” on it. I would assume that in pressing this button one would be able to edit their answers on the previous page, although I have not tested this myself. Also, after completing the survey, there is a large, blue, underlined phrase stating “Edit your response”. If this is not already clear, when clicked, you will be able to go through the questions and edit your responses. This will allow you to correct responses you feel are inaccurate so that no one else can claim “I said something I didn’t mean to say”. On a side note, I personally feel that it would be even better if each question had its individual page so that you have to answer each question individually without the possibility of some responses being affected by other ones.

Right! You claim it’s so clear and simple, and yet you have told me to give exactly the opposite response as someone else has based on what I have said. So if multiple people here read it as I should respond in two opposite ways, is it really so clear?

Yes, so simple that you are disagreeing with someone else who also apparently found it so simple.

I’m sorry my being able to read carefully and recognize the issue is so problematic. I didn’t even know you would completely disagree with someone else on how I should respond, meaning how you read it, when I pointed out that it was unclear. But now you have proven my point for me. I’m sorry it’s a problem. I didn’t write the survey. I’m not saying the survey is bad. I’m saying it needs some editing, as I’ve pointed out and as you along with others have now demonstrably shown is true.

You’re writing this assuming I’m omniscient. It’s useful information. But please don’t assume I’m omniscient. How do I know if this is the last page or not until I send it? If it’s the last page, will submitting it finish the survey? If I’ve submitted the survey, can I go back and edit it? And I can’t proceed forward to see any of the later stuff until I’ve possibly submitted an incorrect answer and locked it in. See the problem? Now that I know I can go back and edit (thank you!) even after I’ve gone through the last page, that helps.

I’m still stuck on what the Bo1 question means, as are others apparently since I’m being told opposite things.

I’m not one to speak for someone else, but if you are referring to tabor473’s statement that “The questions is just in a vaccuum if you prefer bo1 or bo3” I would assume that he is referring to the Bo1 v. Bo3 question being in a vacuum compared to the possible 2 team v 3 team alliance question. Of course I could be wrong about this.
Also, how would we edit this survey in order to “provide context” as you seem to want. It seems clear already that each question is referring to VRC. Do you want to add “In VRC” to every single question? For example “How many people are on your team in VRC”, or “What is your role on your team in VRC”, or “Have you been to the VRC worlds”. Because of course someone could interpret that first question as “How many people are on your baseball team”.

Done! Very nice survey

I’m not assuming that you are omniscient, I’m just assuming that you could have just asked here with 8 words “Can I edit my response after I finish” before going on a tirade about a flaw in the survey that wasn’t even a flaw to begin with. Even if OP had disallowed edits then I am sure he would have deleted your previous response and allowed you to resubmit a new one. I don’t think he would be like “MUHAHAHAHA now I have proof that callen has this opinion about this question which I can use to bring about his demise!”