Polycarbonate vendors

Hi, my team is currently working on our robot but have yet to finish our lift. We are not sure where we can buy polycarb and I was wondering if anyone has a link/tip for where to purchase it.:confused: Thanks!

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Polycarbonate catelog page.


We purchased our lexan at Lowes. You can get it amost hardware stores.

Personally it seems they are always out of 1/16 or they just dont sell 1/16. The thinnest I see is .09 for some reason, but thats my experience in FL.

  • Andrew

Maybe itโ€™s FL? I walked in and found what I needed right away :smiley:

Same experience here in CA, never found 0.0625" in hardware stores itโ€™s always 0.09".

Last year I ordered from here, not the cheapest but they did precut a variety of sizes for me to simplify building.


Thanks for the hel guys :).