I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet, but I think that a new Vex polycord would completely change the styles of the robots and their strategies for ALL future competitions. Right now the only option many teams have for a belt is to use tank-tread. Needless to say, this is very cumbersome, big, heavy, and superfluous for most collecting applications.

Many FRC teams used polycords during Lunacy and Logomotion. And since robots are using some sort of sucking intake for just about every game, too, I think that polycord would be an incredible addition to the Vex arsenal.

I completely agree with you on this product suggestion. A polycord would have been good in gateway because if the belt is rubber then there is friction with the pieces so it could have replaced the heavy duty chain saw intakes I think. I am not sure how useful it would be in this years game because off the rubber belts and cloth (I think) sacks not having as much friction with eachother but I’m sure many teams could find them useful this year.

Great product suggestion!

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll consider this sort of kit for the future.

A your probably aware, the VEX system currently has some options which can accomplish this same sort of functionality via Chain / Sprockets, HS Chain / Sprockets, or Tank Tread.


Not sure about this year. The game this year is very different. Sacks. I don’t know how you could pick sacks up with polycord. Enlighten me? :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, it would be nice for future games. And it would greatly decrease the sizes and increase the efficiency of robots.

Latex tubing or rubber bands could probably be used for the same purposes polycord is used in FRC, but with a little more give. Try pulleys and a few lengths of latex tubing per pulley, and I think it will work well.

However, I don’t think anything could really replace polycord in its functionality.

Dontworryaboutit beat me to it. I have always wanted to try it, Might be something worth trying this season. Ultra tiny conveyors? I like this idea

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My thoughts exactly! I think you could put it on the pulley set, but, like you said, nothing’s like polycord.

I agree. I don’t think anyone can use them this year because of the shape of the stacks… (this would probably have been more useful last year and the year before) but I still think it would be a great future product for any game that requires sucking anything.

I really don’t plan to use it for this year even if it does come out. It’s more of a for future reference thing, since the sack attack is the only game in which it probably wouldn’t be as useful.

Nylon rope is strong, not too stretchy, but not much friction.
Vex latex tubing is nearly the same size, very stretchy, rubbery friction.
It seems difficult to thread a vex nylon rope through vex latex tubing to get the best of both worlds. Then even more difficult to get a good joint to make a loop.

I might do this for you chuck. As I have been thinking about these for a while. The problem though is that poly cord is a happy medium between the elasticity of surgical tubing and strength of pneumatics tubing. If there is a way do use it I will update. Another problem is getting power to the tube. On a spacer you need to put a set screw inside unless you use some kind of friction plate or clutch- always a possibility. :slight_smile:

I’ll work on this when I get home.

Time for my last final

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The problem with pneumatic tubing is that it isn’t stretchy and does not have a whole lot of friction (more than string, less than latex tubing).

For powering, I would think a roller with mesh (anti-slip mat) or adhesive foam should do the job, provided the rollers are tensioned properly.

I’m not sure how well ratchet gears would work (in one direction only), but I guess you could try that if you really needed more grip (although I doubt it will be practical).

I’m at work right now waiting for my boss to get back. I have already designed a small prototype using multiple variants of materials as pullies.

Once I get approval for the lathe I will machine them and will build something tonight.

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