Poor Man's Scouting Sheet

My students are thinking about creating a poorman’s scouting sheet for worlds.
Poor man’s scouting sheet is a piece of paper that a scouter fills out while watching a match

Team 180 has created one of these documents for FIRST.

Has anyone created a scouting sheet for Sack Attack?

We have used a scouting sheet full of Q’s. We have the team names on the side, then the questions on the top.

Most of the Q’s require a Yes or No answer, but some need a number.

I will post it later.

That would be handy, we are a 1 person team with 2 parents in tow and it is very difficult to scout. Hopefully our new robot will hold up like our old one which only needed fresh batteries between matches thanks to nylock nuts on every screw. In 7 events we had 2 loose locking collars and nothing else so we were able to spend some time watching matches. At least with a scouting sheet we can keep track of strategies and figure out who’s robot would best work along side of ours should the unlikely event arise where we seed high enough to do any picking. At this point we just hope to score high enough to be picked!

I remember seeing a post where 569 shared their scouting sheet near the beginning of the season. I have attached it below.

569 Sack Attack Scouting Sheet.pdf (463 KB)

We’re actually writing an app for scouting. Download it to all of your team’s Android devices, log in, and it makes one networked list specific to your team’s criteria.

I’ll post it here when we get it finished.

Just an FYI: WiFi/Bluetooth/any network usage whatsoever tends to be discouraged (or, for some networks, forbidden) at the World Championship to help maintain stable connections via VEXnet. I suggest you ask if whatever method of networking you’re using will be allowed at the championship…

My recommendation: use the scouting sheet that Jordan provided (and I created ) to focus on match scouting, meaning, you look at the match schedule and actively scout out your opponents and use the information to create strategies with your allies beforehand. Having knowledge beforehand was absolutely essential to our world championship victory

On the World Championship Q&A they said that all of the site’s guest routers would be disabled, but we could use our cellular plans if we wanted. If we’re told to turn them off, I guess we do, but I seriously doubt you can get 4,000 kids and however many parents to all turn off their smartphones.

Ideally, the only devices running in the 2.4Ghz spectrum is Vexnet, so that means no Wifi b/g/n or Bluetooth. Since all cellular carriers operate only in licensed spectrum, there will be no conflicts with Vexnet.

Last year, we considered running an access point solely on the 5Ghz Channel, but opted against in fear that someone would stumble across it and fail to understand why it would not interfere with Vexnet, then disqualify us anyway. We were just slightly paranoid.