Port 1-3 not responding

Ports 1-3 are not responding on the VEX IQ brain. I have checked and changed cables. Is there a way to fix this?

Hello Szurbach,

This is very strange.
Can you please attach a screenshot of your VEXos as all your devices are connected to the brain and the brain is connected to the PC using the USB cable?

If you do not have the VEXos updater installed in your PC, you may find it here: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/software/vexos
I await your responce.

We’re also having problems with port 12 that seem similar to the OP’s question. There’s two screenshots–I moved the motor from port 11 to port 12 (with the same cable) and hit refresh…VEXos doesn’t pick it up at all, and anything we put in that port is never recognized by the brain.

Gru 11.png

Gru 11.png

Gru 12.png

Gru 12.png

What is plugged into Ports 2,3 and 12?

If you move the Motor that the VEXos loader sees to Port 2 and then Port 3 does it see the motor move?

If you move the devices that it does not see on 2,3 and 12 to Port 1, does the VEXos loader see it?

If you use different cables does the VEXos Loader see the device?

That will help figure out if it’s the Port or the Device or the Cable.

Sorry if I confused the issue–I probably should have started a new thread. My ports 2 and 3 work fine–my port 12 is the one that isn’t working. The 2 screenshots I posted were taken within a minute of each other. The motor shows up on 11, but when I move it over to 12, it doesn’t show up. Using the same cable and the same motor…

Super, so the problem is the port. Humor me for 30 seconds, can you take another working motor and cable and try it. Can you push on the connector into the brain, to make sure it’s fully seated. Thanks!

Moved the motor from 4 to 12, good click, and it doesn’t show up in VEXos Utility. Moved it back to 4, and it’s there again. Guess I’ll be calling Tech Support for a replacement since it appears that port isn’t working at all.