Port problem on V5 brain

We’ve never had a blown port on our V5 brain before but are wondering if this is what we have experienced. We used our V5 brain all day yesterday and it worked perfect until one particular run at the end of the day. During this run, we got a sudden message on the brain reading “vision sensor disconnected”. Since we weren’t really using the vision sensor, we opted to just remove it from the robot and from the programming. But every run since this has been problematic. One port on the brain doesn’t work at all and three ports on the brain are questionable. The rest of the ports seem to work fine except that the sensors we have had in place are no longer consistently bringing in accurate data and the Vexnet radio connection to the controller periodically disconnects.

In my best judgement, I am thinking that several of our ports went bad and possibly damaged some of our sensors in the process.

Here is a close up picture of one of the ports on the brain. Does this look normal? And, any ideas what might cause this? Is this just extraneous dirt and junk that has gotten inside the port? All of the ports aren’t this bad, but this one seems to be the worst.


Try cleaning out the ports. Looks kind of clogged with junk to