Port problem VEX IQ

Bran new brain - When we run the program it says that one of the ports is disconnected and then I turn it off and turn it back on it shows a different port is disconnected. I have done firmware download and reload the program nothing obvious works. I am an experienced 8th grader with several awards something seems wrong with the brain I think. Fingers crossed somebody can help we have regionals next weekend and my old brain is dead.

@Cbmary1 Is it within a range (ie it’s port 1-2-3, or in 4-5-6) or is it all over the brain.

Does it do it with different motors? ie is there a weird problem with a motor that is causing this problem?

Don’t forget to check it with different cables, doesn’t happen often but worth a check.

Often the easiest to check but the last thing our students try.

It is happening with all the motors all over the brain.

Thanks I tried the cables.

I’d call sales and get an RMA number and send it back. Some serious weird going on.