Portable CAD software/libraries?

So, recently I’ve been working from a school computer, which blocks all installations or access to program files. I’ve been running Blender (windows portable) straight out of my downloads folder for school work, but I’d like to do some vex cading to derust before the next season. As far as I’m aware, popular cad software like Fusion 360, Inventor, etc. requires installation. Are there any portable programs you could recommend, or libraries which I could use in Blender?

This is not Stack Overflow, so don’t tell me to get my own computer.

Edit: I have tried requesting special permission, but Blender is their only “approved software”

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Just ask your school if you could download a program like Fusion 360. That’s what I did, but if that doesn’t work you might be able to use tinkercad (I’ve never used it tho I don’t know how it works)

Personally, I would recommend the use of Onshape. This is a browser-based CAD system so no installation is necessary. Also, creating an account is free. There are vex libraries for this program as well. They can be found in the public domain on the platform.

Is this what you were looking for?


Despite it being browser-based it is still a very powerful CAD system. It also is easy to learn. They also have several free videos and resources to help you pick up the program.

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Yeah, I’ve heard good stuff about Onshape and have used it from a school computer (albeit not for Vex).


I have been teaching my robotics students with Onshape this year. It is browser-based and runs decently on their not-fantastic school-issued laptops. YouTube does not have as many VEX tutorials for Onshape as they have for other CAD platforms. If you just want to get the hang of the program and how to CAD custom parts I highly recommend Seth Ponder’s series. I don’t know him, but my students love his videos. I wish I could find something like them for VEX assemblies, but I haven’t had much luck other than a few individual videos. I recently started making my own YouTube series for my students, but admittedly I am still learning this software too.


Thank you to everyone who recommended Onshape! I’ve created an account and am currently working on familiarizing myself with the environment. I’ve found this helpful playlist on youtube.


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