Portable field tile support that fits in a smaller mini-van

I’ve worked out how to easily transport the tile set from event to event. We’ve been doing events on the floor, but for this season I’d like to be able to have the tiles off the floor. Transporting a full sheet of plywood is not possible in my Nissan Cube. I’m looking for a way to elevate the tiles AND fit into the car.


4 halves have always worked (half length and then half other two). Then, you can even carry entire field segments with one hand. You will have 4 wall pieces left over that were taken out… to put in small bag. This, we carried put into a toyota corolla back seat, and in a prius. (Just go give you an idea of size). Putting it back on the floor and snap takes about 90 sec.

We have also broken it into 3 halves. Works but not so great. The wall pieces might come loose.

When we did just 2 halves, we also had to make sure it was supported well and minivan had all that free space.

Other configurations also work but takes more time and need to carry more pieces in a bag. First one has worked out well and no separate supporting bottom is required.

Yep, thats what I do now to move the field. Now I want to elevate the tiles off the floor. We’ve done 4*8 plywood on saw horses. Works well, super hard to move. So I’m looking for something that is easier to carry and move around.

Foster, the first year we had VEX IQ at the World Champs, we used 2-part risers from the convention center in the Skills area and it was very problematic. The riser sections were not perfectly level to one another, and the fields had distinct humps on them. The lesson from this is that if you want to use portable elevated VIQC fields, make sure that the riser sections can be securely locked together and that you can adjust the legs if necessary. I don’t really have an answer for you, but you could make your own with something like these: http://www.rockler.com/adjustable-table-leg-set-set-of-4-legs They don’t fold, but they are adjustable. These: http://www.rockler.com/folding-game-table-legs fold, but are too tall. You could hacksaw them to length, but they still aren’t adjustable. This page: http://foter.com/explore/adjustable-height-coffee-dining-table has some interesting ideas, too.

Let us know what you come up with. It’s a problem a lot of folks are trying to solve.

I saw one booth at Worlds with field elevated using 6 orange plastic paint buckets upside down.

@Rick: I missed IQ this year at worlds, what did they do for game fields? Do you know how high they were? I’m not finding a height in this years game manual.

@surgeon: Nice out of the box thinking (or maybe out of the bucket! thinking). I use tubs to carry cords, power strips, etc, I could carry them in the buckets.

Now that I’m thinking big round: Sonotube ( heavy cardboard tubes for concrete forms ) comes in a variety of diameters and can be cut to exact lengths, I’ll need some design time. Six 16" diameter tubes would give more support than 12" buckets. May need eight tubes.

To expand on the bucket idea, they come in 7 gallon versions which would put the tiles at 15" off the floor. I could also go for 10 gallon trash cans. Nested and on their sides, that would easily fit into my car. That would make the tiles 20" off the floor. (Wonder if I can save on schools charging custodial fees if I bring my own trash cans :wink:

Need to go do some design work on how much support I need for the field.

I’m assuming that there was a sheet of plywood on top of the buckets to keep the field level?

Nope. Unless it was well concealed, it was just the buckets. If there was not, it probably was ok. When we move the full field, it does not seem to warp that much. Since the buckets are wide enough in the center to support both halves ok, it probably would not bend unless lots of pressure is placed on the hollow areas. Its pretty sturdy. Adding another 2 buckets each side to the mix might do fine.

I’m liking the 7 gallon round buckets with the 11" base. I’d do 8 of them spaced evenly across the field.

Or the 10 gallon round cans, I’m thinking 8 of them for that also. It appears that the field strenght is pretty good. I have ten of the seven gallon buckets in the mail.

Is there a height specified for this year?

Sorry about not posting this before, but I did figure out what to do.

You need two of these home Depot 36*24 shelving units:

With the parts build 6 tables. Zip tie them into a 23 setup to create a big table that is 48 x 108". I just zip tied the outer legs together, total of 6 pairs of legs get zipped. Do not toss the extra legs away, they will crack when you try to bang one leg using another leg into the shelf.

I put some of the foam shelf liner across the top to slow down any slipping


(Comes in white too, the brown was on sale the day I was there).

Final height is ~17 1/2" a little less than Worlds.

In my Nissan Cube will hold 12 tables and two sets of fields (I break mine into quarters and stack). I put the shelves in face down, with the legs inside the shelf and stack the next shelf on top.

There was some thought that the unsupported sides/lip would be a problem, but it hasn’t been one. Shelves are rated for 200lbs, a little more than your average VEXIQ roboteer.

Thanks to Chris from the VEXMen for the idea!