Portable Field

Looking to purchase a portable field - any thoughts compared to the regular field??

And does anyone have any resources for a used field to purchase for independent team?

Thank you!

I’ve used both and both seem fine. They are the same price and look just as good. Considering the old one, it is metal and probably will last longer than the new plastic one. Since I have gone private this year, I decided to buy the portable field which is white and made up of very easily snapped together plastic pieces. The new one also has GPS printed onto it, which is nice, but I don’t use the GPS sensor. In addition, you can’t see through the field wall with the newer portables one as you can with the metal one. So if that doesn’t bother you then just pick whichever one you want. Both are also legal to be used in a competition.

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My review of the portable field perimeter:

TL;DR: If you will be setting up/taking down/moving your field with any regularity, probably go for the portable field. If your field will be permanently set up and you want some additional durability then go with the metal perimeter (but that’s not to say the portable perimeter is particularly fragile or anything).


Thank you for the information! This is very helpful in making a decision!

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