Ports 4 and 5 having "twitching" issue

Ports 4 and 5 on our bot are both experiencing the same issue; they repetitively twitch when given the command to move. We have tried different motors, which work on different ports, yet in these two they have the same problem. We are using easyC, we have a power expander (but 4 and 5 aren’t controlled by it) we have also switched out the battery to no effect. We have also used the easyC “On-line Window” to control the motors yet we experienced the same problem, leading me to believe it isn’t the code. Any idea what’s happening here?

Hello gzook,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us.
It sounds like your ports 4 & 5 were overheated and damaged. This means you will no longer be able to use the damaged motor ports.

Unfortunately we cannot restore the port once burned out, and its best to simply replace the Cortex under the 90-day factory warranty (please provide your VEX order number). If outside the factory warranty, I recommend using a VEX Y-Cable to make-up for the lost motor ports.

This might happen if your motor controller or motor has a direct short; therefore, its recommended for you to inspect your wires for receding insulation/plastic on the cables which might cause shorts.