Ports - different power

We realized that some ports give less power, than other ports. The 4 bar was lifting the mobile cone well, but could not lift the same (although the motors were working and works without the mobile cone) when connected to another port. When switched back to original port, it was good again.

Any rationale ?


Either somethings wrong with the cortex wiring or the code sets different ports to different powers

Ports supply the same power, the only difference is port 1 and 10 uses a direct connection method which allows for a less restricted power flow BUT does not change the power received at the maximum (127), so make sure you check your motor controllers, if you can’t figure it out; try with a different brain.

Good luck!

Hey l actually had this similiar thought process last year and so l did some testing and the ports actually put out the same voltage and l’m happy to post my results, the issues l found with motors is that they have an extremely high tolerance which can lead to large differences in rpms

Thanks All. I think I need to change it to a different Brain.

I am positive that different ports were behaving differently, as I used the port of the Arm real time to the 4-bar, and switched it back and forth as saw the difference.


While it is possible that something is wrong in the Cortex, it is much more likely that there was a wiring issue when you switched to use a different motor port.

What prompted you to change the wiring from one port to another in the first place? Were you trying to address some problem? Were you experimenting with an alternative wiring scheme for cleaner wiring or because you wanted particular motors on certain ports or something similar?

The basic question is this: Was there some problem you were addressing when you made the comparison? If not, were you doing it to test the theory that ports deliver different power?