Posession Limits

I am reading the turning point manual, and I noticed that there is a two ball limit. (<SG4>) Do balls on possessed caps count against this limit? Last year, we could carry more than one cone if it was on a base. Can I carry 4 balls on a cap while holding another ball in my launching mechanism.

I’m pretty sure people have already talked about this and most people are saying that you can’t carry more than 2 balls even if they’re on caps.

In the reveal video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDGBcs0TFM) at about 1:07 you see a robot carrying 3 balls on the caps and it clearly states that is illegal. I wondered the same thing until I saw the video.

I am not sure how clear that is though, because the robot is also carrying 3 balls directly on it. I agree with you but we can’t be sure, because with or without the cap in that clip, the robot would be illegal.

Your completely right I totally spaced on that. I don’t know if they wanted to show two different ways it could be illegal or they just went ham on the ball placement.

I would not over think it… Count 1 and 2 and done on your robot :slight_smile: