Posession of 4 disks

If your robot carries 3 disks and one of its wheels touches another disk or it is on top of another disk, is that considered as a possession of 4 disks? Thanks

Possession is defined as the robot controlling the object. The rule means that if you move and the disk moves with you, it’s possession. On top of the disk, I’m not sure about it because it depends on how your robot affects the disk and how the robot is on it, but simply touching it isn’t a possession unless you have a mechanism or piece that moves the disk with you. i.e. an intake holding a disk, or it being lodged under your robot without you being able to remove it.

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If your chassis gets stuck on a disk and can’t move, it is technically possessed too, so keep that in mind if you get stuck on a disk, but plan to shoot from the angle that you are at.

Also to clarify, simply plowing disks isn’t possession, so you’re fine if you plan to push all of your match-loads into the low goal at once.

A general rule of thumb is if you are preventing the other team from getting it, then you are possessing it.

Thank you very much. Very helpful information!

Thanks for the general rule!

To my understanding, possession of a disk is when you have a disk and it moves with the robot when it turns.

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