Position Control while doing preloads

Has anyone thought of creating a code that keeps the drive train still while stacking to reduce movement in the drive train which will prevent misalignment while stacking the prelaods. Of course it will be a combination of using gyros and encoders, which will help
correct misalignment forward and backwards, and rotational misalignment. Do you guys think this will be helpful or will this be unnecessary?

I was actually thinking about implementing something like this to help our driver keep his position while driver loading. Our four-bar is 1:1 torque, and moves fast enough to move the chassis out of place with every movement. I think this would be pretty helpful, but I have yet to see how it would actually work. Let me know if you have any luck with this.

Seems like it will have good use during gameplay and definitely improve the efficiency of stacking.

Hey @CraftBro ! Getting those driver loads on with a quick speed is pretty difficult. We have created PID on our base to where the bot stays still and the motors fight against each other Causing it to stay still. If you’d like more help or further explanation feel free to contact us on instagram @Harberrobotics66A . Best of Luck!

It’s is a simple PID drive with Gyro control. So just set your requested value to your current position and deactivate the drive control.

Anytime our driver is not actively moving our chassis, a PID turns on and keeps it in place. This is helpful for not only preloads but also any form of defense in which we must remain stationary.

What our team did was create an ultrasonic PID lock for our base. We would find a distance from the field perimeter and press a button to turn on PID and hold the value that the ultrasonic got when we pressed the button. Whenever we were pushed, our PID controller would help us retain that distance to the fence and make sure we were never misaligned when stacking driver loads. I can’t really think of much you could do when pushed from the side, but this was pretty effective for us when our bot jumped backwards from our four bar’s momentum, since encoders wouldn’t read that we moved if our bot jerked back.