Position of corner cubes

For Squared Away, Is there a rule that the corner cubes have to touch the black lines or can there be a gap between the cube and black line?

I think the rule is it has to touch the white area inside the black lines, I don’t think it has to touch the black lines as long as it’s touching the white corner area.

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The field appendix shows them places squarely in the corner by the black lines.

The tolerance in the game manual would suggest +/- 1" from that position but the field resetters should be aiming to set it up as per the diagram in the field appendix.

I have read @sankeydd quoting a tighter tolerance for the cubes in another thread but I can’t find reference to this in the field appendix.

The field appendix that you attached has the positions noted to a tenth of a millimeter. Interesting that the significant figures is vastly different in metric and standard… Maybe it depends on where you play the game?

Ahhh, gotcha. I think that is someone taking the exact result of the inch measurement multiplied by 25.4 rather than a tolerance.

So in answer to the original question, I’d say expect the field to be set up as per the field appendix. They may be up to 1" out from that and still be in tolerance, but if the referees have set the field as per the appendix, don’t expect to be able to move the cubes 1" into the white square to gain an advantage.


I think that field elements being an inch out of position is not what is intended here. The field could be not level, the lines from one square to the next might not line up exactly.

True, but that is what it says. Why would they go to a tenth of a mm if that wasn’t want they intended?

It looks to me that the field appendix is the “otherwise specified,” but I can see the other side as well. Perhaps we need to call on the GDC as I may be twisting their words…

At our state tournament this year the cubes were placed exactly up against the line and the refs were DQing programming runs left and right for slightly moving the other cubes.

Good times.

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I place them as close to exactly on the lines as I can, because that is where they are meant to be and that’s what I expect teams that come to a field that I am running to be able to play to, totally agree with you and your position at state on that.

The thing is, you can still have 2108.2mm +/- 1". It’s crazy, but in this case I think they have just forgotten to make rule G15 say +/-1" (25.4mm)

Given the position of the balls is very specific and governed by the retaining pins, I’d like to have seen the cube placement rigidly defined as touching the edge of these two black lines so there was no doubt as to the exact position.