Possibility of 6 HS Divisions?

Since there’s a lot more teams going to worlds this year, we’re theorizing that there will be six high school divisions.

After putting on our tin foil hats, we’ve noticed that there are 498 teams registered for worlds, divisible by six. Also, the event map has not been released yet, so there could still be changes.

However this is all just speculation, I think there was a post from a few weeks ago where an RECF representative mentioned five HS divisions. Has VEX considered (or is VEX considering) six high school divisions?

STEM < STEAM < STREAM :slight_smile:

I am going to highly doubt it based on this thread

I very much doubt this would happen. Obviously anything is possible but I think it would take more high level volunteers than they currently have. MCs, head refs and field techs require serious trust.