Possibility of a Vex forums mobile app

I was wondering about a Vex forums app for on the go viewing. Does it exist? Are there any plans to make one?

I too have thought of this, but I think a better idea would just be a mobile version on the vex forum site

I was just thinking that today…

I have been thinking of the same thing. I would be nice to have an app.

I’ve been wanting this a while. IP.Boards has their own forums, and considering the forum system isn’t super elaborate or anything (not saying I don’t like it! simplicity is good), a mobile app for the VEX forum wouldn’t be difficult in comparison. Not to mention the not-having-to-sign in feature would be useful.

One of the problems is the difficulty of using a non-mobile on a mobile device. It is fairly troublesome to keep zooming in and out. Navigating the site on an ipod was nearly impossible. I would hope that vex makes a mobile version of the site in the near future

Vex Forum is run on VBulletin product. It looks like they have a mobile add on. Can we get Vex to get this with their next version upgrade?


With the growth of all those Vex teams, they have to be able to afford an extra $100 a month fro the forums! :slight_smile:

Or it looks like there are some free add ons the Vex guys can place on VBulletin as free (or nearly free) apps. But those have advertisements in them. :mad:

Since I now have an Android Phone, this type of Forum Support is quite desirable to me…

I made an Official Request, Mobile Forum Support, Requested, in the Forum & Website Support section and maybe we will get something real cool in the future…

This suggestion has been posted before here. As suggested in that threadi think the best option is tapatalk.

That would be fine with me, since I already use Tapatalk for other forums.


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The Tapatalk plugin has been installed on the VEX Forum. If you visit vexforum.com from your mobile device, the site will prompt asking you if you want to install the free Tapatalk app on your iPhone or Android device.

If you already use Tapatalk, just search for ‘VEX Forum’ and you should find us.

Let us know if you run into any problems using it.


Thanks Brandon!!! Your the best!!!

The only Tapatalk app I’m seeing on Google Play is $2.99 am I missing a free version? Not that its an issue I’m just curious.

When I search “Tapatalk” it comes up fine for me. It’s the client one called “Convo” that you want (and it’s working for me).

I got Convo to work on my phone…

Going to vexforum.com in Safari on my iPod Touch pops up a dialog box that says:

Tapping OK takes me to the Tapatalk Forum App page in the App Store App, and it isn’t a free app (It costs $2.99)

Thank you very much to the mods for enabling this feature though! It should be very nice to be able to access the vex forum from our respective mobile devices.

Installed the Convo app, so much easier than trying to view this on a mobile browser.