Possible cause of some discconnects

I noticed something odd while my team was testing the re-write of some of our code. During the process we noticed that the controller was frequently disconnecting. The screen would go red. Pressing the home button would take the controller back to the home screen. It indicated that it was attempting to connect but would not until the controller was rebooted. Reconnection occurred without doing anything to the robot (was still running the program). In all this occurred at least 12 times over a couple hours. Investigating we discovered that the changes being made were impacting variables used in the our controller screen update function. Once the re-coding was complete and the variables were again being updated correctly, the disconnect appear to have stopped. All of this to say that I suspect that the controller1.screen functions may in certain case (possible when data over runs a buffer) produce a situation where the controller is no longer able to communicate with the robot until it is rebooted.