Possible Chassis Concept

The most successful robots will have the capability to accomplish all aspects of the game, evident from the Skyrise World matches and winners. Thus, the task of lifting becomes a critical component in match play. To be the most beneficial robot, for your team and for those who are allied with you, your robot needs to be flexible in its ability to either dominate as the major player for the team, or be the quintessential ally. Although this is obvious, the role of both the lifter and the lifted both are crucial in determining the outcome of the game.

In the event that an allied partner has a lifting capability greater than your own, the duty falls to you as to be able to be lifted. There are many posts throughout the forum explaining their ideas for lifts and ramps. However, there remains the need to establish a thread devoted to the opposite. While having the ability to accomplish both tasks is key, there should be more attention placed to the lifted partner than what is currently discussed.

In designing a possible robot drive train, it is possible to design an open chassis, like the one shown. This would have nothing standing in the way of the wheel to any other object, particularly, an object with an incline. An open design, with the wheel, exposed on the front and sides would be the perfect solution to driving up ramps. However, I am not sure how to ensure the wheel receives enough force without the possibility of slipping gears or parts. A drive train that is able to support the weight of another robot and launcher is very important, but the base on which the robot is built is equally as significant. A design that would enable a robot to climb at an incline would allow for the situation of both lifting another robot, and being lifted yourself.

If there are any ideas for an open framed chassis design, as well as any ideas for bases that are able to climb as well, they may be posted in this thread. Thanks!
Open Framed Design.jpg

Since most ramps will have a 45° angle at the top, either the middle of the chassis will have to be slightly raised so that both wheels will be touching the ramp at all times or there will have to be a third set of wheels in the middle of the chassis.

Does the middle matter if the front wheels are already on the ramp? Wouldn’t the angle of the wheels prevent the middle from hitting the ramp? There would need to be an open design for the back as well to help in existing the ramp.

I was really babying my idea, but I guess people would figure it out anyway, so…


8 motor drivetrain 5:3 to 3:5 simple transmission.

A piston would disengage 4 motors from the base and hook them up with flywheel gear. The base transmission still exists, but it becomes 4 motor 3:5 or 5:3.

Finally, one piston would hook up winch/pully system with flywheel intake motors spared from base if you plan to do winch/pully elevation mechanism.

Transmission is the soul of Green Egg’s 2014 awesomeness, and this year the game seems to provide great freedom for transmission. So rock on guy! 8 motor high torque internal gearing 3:5 external ratio should be insanely strong in VEX and should have no trouble driving up 45 degrees ramp.

I was referring to when the robot is at the top of the ramp, not the bottom. Here is a drawing showing what i am referring to.

shout out to legendary 44 and now part of QCC2:)

2 motor drive boys, if my team had pneumatics then a transmission would be in place, however this is what i am liking about this year already. so much more diversity in designs and ideas, some people want massive OP drives, some people wanna straight up lift other bots, some just wanna go for the high like myself. this will be a blast this year and can not wait for the next season opener:D

2 motor drive? Those poor motors…

I think that, especially later in the season, a fast drive will be important to get to balls quickly before the other alliance. Depending on the intake, it might also be easier to get to the stacked balls before they are knocked over.

Are you referring to picking up just the bonus balls while they are stacked? I thought that this plan during autonomous would be worth the time and giving up the auton bonus.