Possible Competition

Hey, folks.
Looking for input on a relatively simple idea. Would there be interest in an “off season” VEX event? FRC does this, but, only 6 weeks of the year is their build season, not year round.
Going off of this, would you want to play…
A. The exact same game.
B. The same game with modifications.
C. A completely different game.

Would you want this game to be…
A. For a constructed robot, built, programmed, and you compete.
B. Design challenge.

The game, should it be completely custom, would be built to be simple. A robot ranging from a push bot, to a robot with a manipulator or two could compete in the game, allowing a range of teams with limited to limitless amounts of time to participate.
If it was with modifications, the changes may include one design change, which could only be completed with a different manipulator, or a modification. However, it would not change how you have to do other game tasks, and its impact on the game would be aimed at a strategic angle.

The target audience would be teams who don’t qualify for Worlds. After all, not every team does, and being able to tune skills in a fun and competitive environment while you wait might be a positive idea. Additionally, new teams who did not participate in the past year would also be a viable audience.

All thoughts are welcome.
Edit: Forgot to mention that I am aware NZ and China do something similar, would love to hear from those in the area who have experienced it.

I feel like this should be done in such a way that people can choose independent answers for the first and second questions. That way you can get more meaningful data. It doesn’t seem like the questions are dependent on each other, either.

@Aponthis good idea


Nice, that’s much better.

And here da results:

I just don’t understand how you convince students to do this. Wouldn’t they feel that it was at the cost of success in the real competition? They would be missing out on time other teams would be building robots for the current game.

No “off season” for us…our first qualifying event is on August 6. We took a 2-week break after worlds (to study the game manual) then started right into the next game.

Exactly. I think it is an obviously flaw with FRC. If the teams show that they want to compete in the off season all it shows is that the season is too short.