Possible Delaware Scrimmage

My team, 439, is considering hosting a scrimmage at our school in northern DE (not far from the Diamond State Tech Challenge.) We attended that competition and our robot had some pretty major breakdowns which we have now fixed and would really like to test. We are open to suggestions for dates and anyone is welcome to attend. PM me or post here if there’re any questions or suggestions. Also, if enough teams attend we can probably get a full field setup including the field control, scoring system etc. (I’ll have to ask a mentor on my FRC team if we can borrow his field but I think he won’t mind if it’s for a good reason.)

I know that Radnor is trying to set up a scrimmage (as well as a VEX league). Can you post a picture of your robot? I looked for you guys at Delaware and didn’t see you. Also, what does MOE stand for?

MOE is the name of the FRC team I’m on. We’re sponsored by DuPont so it stands for Miracles of Engineering. As for pictures of our robot, I’ll try to get some but it won’t be until Monday at least.

OK. I posted 3 pics of our FTC robot. I’ve been meaning to do so for a few weeks, but they’re up in the image gallery now.

Wow, I am glad that we didn’t have to go up against that in Delaware. Are you guys going to any other regionals?

Maybe, if we’re really lucky, we’ll be able to go to the one in Pennsylvania on March 8th. We really want another shot with our robot fully functional so we’re really trying to work it out.

By the way, what team are you on?

We were the alliance captain of the runner up alliance, Upper Dublin Robotics Initiative. We’re also going to the Weatherly tournament, hope to see you there.